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Solar Water Heating

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Second-Highest Energy Cost

Domestic hot water is the second-highest energy cost in the typical household. For some homes and businesses, it can even be the highest energy expenditure. Solar water heating can now reduce your annual domestic water heating costs by as much as 70%.

The EnerWorks state-of-the-art solar water-heating appliance is designed to pre-heat domestic water that is supplied to your conventional water heater, resulting in remarkable savings. Designed for cold weather climates in Canada and northern United States.

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North America's Leader in Solar Thermal Technology
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EnerWorks Inc. is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider. They're proven; patented technology offers the highest quality, reliable, cost effective renewable energy solution to the North American market.

The digitally controlled solar loop circulator turns on only when the panels are hot enough to heat the solar tank. The assembly incorporates micro flow technology design, a continuous tube with only two connections for effortless installation.

Solar Whole House

Enerworks Awarded 2012 Intersolar Award


Enerworks Inc. has been selected as the first winner of the 2012 Intersolar North American Award.  Intersolar is the largest solar trade show in North America with shows also in Germany and Asia. Enerworks’ “Oxford Gardens Solar Project” was selected by a jury of experts for its innovations and excellence in solar thermal technology, system design and efficiency. The “Oxford Gardens Solar Project” located in Woodstock, Ontario, successfully integrates solar thermal cooling and solar thermal space, water and pool heating into one project.


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