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Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Systems)

 20.2 kW Brighton, MI SunPower solor panels paired with EnPhase micro-inverters. 11.9 kW non-mechanical tracker with EnPhase micro-inverters, Dexter, MI Mechanical Energy Systems Solar powered showroom. See our events page for open houses or stop by during Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Solar works in Michigan! Solid electrical production data is available today, as a result of real time monitoring systems, providing indisputable metrics that leave the skeptics speechless.

Real metrics and solid data demonstrate solar is a practical/affordable application in Michigan.

How do we get this data?
Micro-inverters attached to each panel make every cell in the panel independent of each other, and can be quantified from the day they go live.
Our new string inverters also provide real-time internet based monitoring today as well.

Micro-inverter reporting on Michigan system over 3 yrs.

These metrics provide hard data that solar panels in Michigan, can actually be more efficient than those in sunnier, hotter states, because cooler temperatures improve efficiency during hot months. From year to year, data from across the United States has provided solid evidence that solar is a practical, affordable, and smart investment, with a higher payback than almost any other investment.

What is the ROI on the power system you are using today?  Federal Tax Credit of 30% total solar installation until Dec.31 2016Federal Tax Credit until 2016

Adding a Solar Electric/Photovoltaic System (PV) to your home or business is a smart and practical way to:

The Solar Specialist - a division of Mechanical Energy Systems

We offer expert quality design, installation and service on solar electric systems for your home or business. Our team of solar specialists provide individual solar consultations, designed to meet the specific needs of each solar customer. Take a peek at some of latest solar technology we've installed.

For the handy solar enthusiast we also carry do-it-yourself kits for Solar Pool Heating, Solar Attic Fans and Solatube tubular skylights

In the solar business since 1985, you can count on Mechanical Energy Systems (MES)/The Solar Specialist to help you plug into the sun and save!

Watch videos of Michigan homeowners talking about their solar systems Here

A Few Of Our Solar Electric (PV) Installations:
We have hundreds of solar electric, solar hot water, pool heating and space heating systems installed in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Garden City 8.3 kW Sharp solar panels paired with EnPhase Energy micro-inverters for easy real time monitoring, data and metrics.
Garden City, MI
8.1 kW
Wayne County, MI 8.5 kW solar system on roof. Largest residential system to date in Wayne County.
 Garden City, MI
Washington, MI
Washington, MI
5.7 kW
1.9 kW Solar electric (PV) system in Plymouth Michigan
 Plymouth, MI 
1.9 kW
Canton, MI 20 kW ground mounted SunPower high efficiency solar panels paired with EnPhase micro-inverters for an additional 10% efficency increase.
 Canton, MI
20.1 kW Ground Mount
Unisolar amorphous thin film panels installed on Governers resident, Lansing, MI 1kW
 Lansing, MI
3.7 kW 
8.3 kW Ann Arbor historic, zero energy home. SunPower solar panels and EnPhase micro-inverters.
 Ann Arbor, MI
8.1 kW Historic home
Southfield, MI 10.2 kW
Southfield, MI
8.3 kW
Rochester, MI 9.3 kW REC solar panels plus EnPhase micro-inverters.
Rochester, MI
9.3 kW
Solar energy, works in Michigan, Ohio and Indianna
Farmington Hills, MI
Dexter, MI 9.1 kW REC panels + EnPhase micro-inverters
Dexter, MI
12.2 kW

Check our our Solar Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.



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Customer Testimonial:
Matt G.
Reviewed: 11/05/2010

Daren and the MES crew were amazing. This is how you want your contractors to be. We made our house the oldest net zero house in America and the first in Michigan. We did not make our choice of solar lightly. We wanted the best and we found it.

I`m a little worried about all the schlocky solar contractors popping up out there and using lousy equipment and poor design. MES has been around for 25 years and are completed committed to solar and have decades of experience and technical knowledge. Love these guys and I`m thrilled to have our system. Zero energy historic home in Ann Arbor

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