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Lennox SunSource Heating and Cooling Home Comfort

NEW! Lennox SunSource Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
Solar ready heating and cooling - easily integrated when you are!

Now a home comfort system that is solar ready. Solar panels and installation qualify for the 30% Renewable Federal Tax Credit. Expires Dec.31st 2016.

SunSource Lennox Home Comfort System

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The new SunSource Home Energy System not only harnesses solar energy from the sun to reduce the electricity consumed by a residential heat pump or air conditioner, but also is able to use that solar power to operate other devices in the home that consume electricity, such as lighting and appliances, when the heating and cooling system is not running. In addition, if the SunSource system generates more power than is used by the home, that power will be sent back to the utility company, which may entitle the homeowner to a credit on their utility bill.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the typical U.S. household pays $2,200 a year on utility bills, and the bulk of those energy costs—between 50 and 60 percent—comes from heating and cooling the home.

"With the new SunSource Home Energy System, homeowners can reduce the energy consumption associated with heating and air conditioning, while also significantly cutting their overall utility bills," said John Hurst, vice president, product management at Lennox International. "Lennox is the first heating and air conditioning manufacturer to harness solar energy for central heating and cooling and beyond, and the new SunSource system is really a gateway to the future of innovation in the HVAC industry."

The SunSource Home Energy System is composed of:
A solar-ready, high efficiency Lennox air conditioner or heat pump that has been specially enhanced to serve as the platform for this new home energy system.
A Lennox solar subpanel that provides the connection between utility- interactive solar power system and the HVAC unit.
One to 15 roof-mounted solar modules that harness clean, sustainable energy from the sun and use it to run the home's central heating and cooling system as well as other appliances—the more modules, the more homeowners can reduce their utility costs.
A communications system that allows homeowners to monitor each solar module's operation and energy production online, as well as other environmental benefits such as the amount of carbon offset.

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