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Does Solar work in Michigan?

Don't listen to us! Hear what our solar homeowners have to say!

Plug Into The Sun

SunPower Panels

Apr. 02, 2013
SunPower solar panels. The most efficienct panels made to date. Click to watch.

Pool Heating in Michigan

FAFCO Logo  Heat your pool to 80+ degrees for free with the sun and extend your swimming season by two months. Systems can be sized for residential inground, above ground and commercial pools. FAFCO solar pool panels are great for Michigan seasonal pool heating.

EnPhase Energy Micro inverter - How it works

  The Enphase Microinverter System increases the p\erformance and reliability of your solar energy system, while also improving aesthetics and enabling flexibility in design.

The Enphase System includes powerful web-based monitoring, so you have complete transparency into the health and performance of each part of your solar system, at no additional cost.

EnPhase Energy Micro inverter monitoring

   Enphase has pioneered a new approach to managing solar power that makes solar systems smarter and more efficient.

EnerWorks - Solar Hot Water, how it works

Solar water-heating is an affordable, cost-competitive, environmentally-friendly and reliable alternative that offers significant energy savings. For homeowners in most of Canada and USA, the savings average 50% - 70% per year for full-year operation.

Southfield, MI Homeowners discuss their solar pool heating and solar electric systems

Gail and Marlene have installed a solar electric system and solar pool heating system and they share their experiences from Southfield, MI

Warren, MI Commercial Solar Hot Water System

Join Donna Napolitano, CEO of Mechanical Energy Systems as she tours a Michigan laundromat in Warren, MI. The Big Bundle Solar Laundromat heats their water with solar. They have 8 Enerworks solar water panels to heat two 200 gallon tanks. 

Huntington Woods, MI solar pool customer talks about her system

Ellyn talks to Donna Napolitano of Mechanical Energy Systems about her experiences with her solar pool heating system in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

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