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Knowledge / FAQ

How does solar affect my roof over the life of the system?

Installing a solar electric system on your roof:
  • has few roof penetrations,
  • weighs the same as a second layer of shingles
  • can actually extend the life of your roof by protecting it from the elements and harmful UV rays.

What is involved when buying a Solar Electric System?

Understanding your energy needs and understanding how much energy you use is helpful to the technicians who will be designing the best system for you and your budget. Learn MoreCheck List

Do we have enough sun in Michigan to produce electricity?

Absolutely! Michigan receives over 2000 peak sun-hours per year, on average.
You can expect between 1400 and 1800 kWh per year from each kW of PV installed in Michigan. 

Does Solar work in Michigan?

Don't listen to us! Hear what our solar homeowners have to say!

What Tax Credits and Rebates are available?

Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit 30%

There are State and Federal incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits available for people and commercial entities that install qualifying systems.

SunPower Panels

Apr. 02, 2013
SunPower solar panels. The most efficienct panels made to date. Click to watch.

How can a Solar Electric System be a great investment?

We are living in uncertain times; banks are cash heavy and unwilling to lend money. Even qualified home buyers have difficulty getting mortgage loans. If the banks are not lending, they are not collecting interest on loans, and their foreclosure portfolios continue to grow. The question then becomes, if the banks have no faith in the market, where does the average investor look to grow their finances and generate a return on investment (ROI)?

What is the difference between W (Watts) and VA (Volt-Amps)?

For many items the two are identical however for some computer equipment the two can differ, VA ratings always being equal or higher than the W rating. The ratio of W to VA is known as the Power Factor (often represented as a decimal or percentage). 

How do I know how many Watts my items use?

Most manufacturers of electrical devices and appliances show the amount of Watts or Amps used somewhere on their product, product box, published specifications or their website. 

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