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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar in Michigan

The cooler climate in Michigan asists in keeping panels from over heating. Over heating can reduce the efficiency of solar electric panels. Panels are installed with space between the panels and the roof creating air flow and allowing the roof to dry and remain cool.

During a Michigan snowfall light rays are still penetrating the solar panels. Solar panels are dark in color which helps to melt the snow. The micro-inverters enable the solar panels to utilize these low light levels, creating enough heat to melt the snow while still generating electricity. A single string system would be inoperable longer because it would require higher levels of direct sunlight to kick in until the sun melted the snow.

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The Advantages of High Efficiency Solar Panels

The solar power facts are undeniable. The higher the solar panel efficiency, the more energy you can generate. This translates into greater savings on your electricity bill over the long-term. That's how a smart solar investment works, and that's how you can get the savings you really want.


The Enphase Microinverter System increases the performance and reliability of your solar energy system, while also improving aesthetics and enabling flexibility in design. The Enphase System includes powerful web-based monitoring, so you have complete transparency into the health and performance of each part of your solar system, at no additional cost.

Solar Water Heating

Reducing your annual water heating utility bill by 70-75% is easy and practical in Michigan. EnerWorks solar water heating system was designed for cold climates.


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